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Amigo Staffing Consultants Inc. prides itself on matching applicants with the right jobs.


Administrative Assistant, Call Center, Clerical Positions, Customer Service Representative, Data Entry, Documenter, EMS Billing Specialist, Executive Assistant, Management, Medical Billers, Receptionist, Safety Coordinator, Warehouse Manager, and more.


Assembler, CDL Drivers, Cashiers, Dispatcher, Welder, Forklift Driver, Forklift Operator, Inventory Clerk, Machine Operator, Maintenance, Shipping & Receiving, Stocker, Traffic Clerks, Trailer Inspector, Warehouse Worker, Yard Spotter, and more.


Accounting, Advertising, EMT, General Labor, Health Care, Human Resources, Manufacturing, Marketing, Medical Assistant, Paramedic, Security, Technical Sales, Technology, and more.


Employee Benefits

We offer the following benefits to all of our Employees.


Direct Deposit

When it comes to recurring salaries and wages, we direct deposit all income earned to your bank account. This allows us to be efficient in you getting paid on time, without you having to make trips to the bank.


We offer bonuses once an employee has completed a year of work with our company.

Employee of the Month

We run an employee of the month program to recognize great talent. If you are selected for this recognition there are some incentives we offer.


Paid-holidays are offered to employees that meet certain requirements.


On-Site Safety Coordinator

We have an on-site safety coordinator to supervise the safety of our employees while on the job. The safety coordinator handles knowing the legal safety requirements and setting good work standards in our employees. Our safety coordinator makes sure you are not at risk of being hurt or injured, and trains you on how to stay safe while on the job.


Corrective Action Program

Our working employees are great at their careers, due to our corrective action program. This program focuses on adjusting and training an employee for the specific job they have. This is beneficial, because it allows employees to be more efficient and not run into problems when at their workspace.

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Affordable Medical Healthcare Plan

Amigo staffing works closely with collaborating physician & is able to provide wellness and fit for duty exams.